The What

At The Stilwater Group we feel that IT service providers, whether internal or external to the organization, face the same issues. Virtualization has resulted in IT infrastructures becoming extraordinarily complex, yet end users continually demand better services faster… and want simplicity!

How do service providers cope? Enterprises, especially large ones, are moving to a service oriented delivery of information technology. They are facing the same issues that plagued early external managed service providers. How do I provide agile services to my customers while ensuring the charges are in-line with the revenues, costs or productivity benefits that the end user and the enterprise as a whole need to be successful?

IT Transformation Roadmap

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Establish Objectives i.e. “Zero touch, policy based IT Service delivery” – develop service standards
  • Gap Analysis – can the existing infrastructure deliver the proposed service
  • Organizational Impact – do we have the skills in-house, can we acquire them, do we change our recruiting, training
  • Infrastructure Baseline – create a living picture of the existing IT systems and components
  • Dependency Mapping and Service Decomposition including business units and employees
  • Planning – infrastructure requirements and migration
  • Deployment – migration, consolidation, pruning
  • Service Management & Reporting

These Smart Networks promise tremendous cost savings in Total Life-Cycle Cost of Ownership (TCO) but more importantly result in outstanding agility & flexibility in the deployment of new competitive endeavours.

Stilwater has the tools and resources to ensure the successful planning, deployment, implementation, operation and optimization of Smart Networks as well as the organizational changes necessary to achieve desired outcome(s).

We are rabid fans of the “Lean” philosophy for both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs and we apply these principles to every aspect of our business and your projects.

We will challenge you on how to Improve your Business.


IT Transformation