Empowering Peace of Mind for Business Owners

At Stilwater we exist to allow business owners to trust that your business can operate without you (at least for a little while)

WHY? ==> to allow you to experience the lifestyle you deserve after toiling for so many hours to create & live your passion!

Maybe you want to take more time off… or provide a succession plan… or realize the true value of your business at the time of sale…

At Stilwater we share wisdom gained from being there and doing that to guide primarily technology related companies in seeing a substantial revenue growth in the B2B space on Strategic Planning, Marketing Positioning and Communications all in the support of driving Revenue Growth. Sales Strategy, Channel Strategy, Team Development, Sales Management, Sales Tools.

Have contributed to over 15 startup journeys.

Do you have stagnant, declining or unrealized revenue?

Are you a tech startup who needs professional Sales guidance?

Do you want to maximize your value in preparation for an exit?

Don't miss an opportunity to change your stars...

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Calm guidance in a chaotic universe...