Jason Hurlbut

Jason brings over 20 years of experience providing technology solutions to various industries including banking, government, service provider, retail and health care. A start-up veteran, he’s┬áhas been part of 4 successful new ventures including ArrowPoint Communications which was acquired for $5.7 Billion by Cisco Systems in 2001. He was the VP, Sales Development for Siemens, leading the Chantry product launch throughout the Asia Pacific theatre, South Africa and Mexico subsequent to Siemens acquisition of Chantry in 2005. He also spent 4 years with Cisco Systems in various roles including Global Account Manager, Content Networking Specialist & IP Communications Specialist.

He thrives at solving puzzles, especially in the technology or on-line retail space, to facilitate the creation of a strategic plan. The crafting, coaching & development of a superb team within a high performance culture really turns his crank.