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CIOsynergy Toronto

  • The Stilwater Group with Pluribus Networks invites you
  • A symposium that has redefined problem solving within the Office of the CIO
  • explore successes, failures, and battles on the frontlines of innovation
  • Hilton Toronto

Thursday March 26th – 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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Data Centre Migration

Virtualized environments now form the heart of every organization.

The complexity and cost of Data Centre and Network Transformations have
increased while the process has slowed.

Limited confidence in IT asset configuration information suggests low data quality & reliability.

Compliance risk, governance challenges and organizational risk ensure justifiable caution when approaching transition projects.

Caution leads to labour intensive documentation and auditing exercises to ensure that critical business services and applications are uninterrupted during transitions.

How can we have good governance, high quality, low risk migrations and consolidations while ensuring compliance?

Outcome Analytics

No one talks about “Small Data”

Off the shelf or build your own? Legacy databases die when you drill deep into the analysis.

See how modern databases and agile application development platforms can lead to positive Business Outcomes.

* as·ton·ish
   1. surprise or impress (someone) greatly